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M H MGee's Dramatude

Owner: Matthew Huston

English Pointer-Male

Whelped: 5/03/2009

Sire: J M Elhew McGee

Dam: CH Drama Queen

Number of Times Champion: 5

Date of Championship: 4/29/2012

Total Points: 101

A five time NSTRA Champion, Cage acquired 101 lifetime points, of which 64 were first place points. Unfortunately “lifetime” was only 5 years, as his life was tragically cut short, during the prime of his career. In that short time, Cage would go on to become the winningest English Pointer in the NW NSTRA Region. Cage would also go on to become the first Pointer to achieve Hi Point honors in the Region in 2012. Then again in 2013, and yet again in 2015, making Cage 1 of 3 dogs in Region history to win that prestigious award 3 times. Cage’s consistency would also show in Region Elimination Championships, as he would garner 2nd RU honors in his last two appearances. Cage would arrive onto the grounds of 34 trials, including National, and Region Championships. Cage would leave with a placement in 28 of those, a placement percentage of 82%!


Stotts Royal Diamond

Owner: Mike Stotts, Jr.

English Setter-Female

Whelped: 6/11/2004

Sire: Rising Sun Mike

Dam: Max's Pride

Number of Times Champion: 9

Date of Championship: 10/08/2006

Total Points: 175

A nine time NSTRA Champion, Diamond acquired 95 First place points and an astonishing 175 lifetime points, making Diamond the 2nd winningest dog to hail from the North West Region. Diamond would begin her winning ways with 3 placements in one weekend in April, a few weeks shy of her 2nd birthday. She would acquire her 1st Championship by that October. Less than a year later, Diamond would find herself in rare company among NW dog, as one of the few to place in a National, taking 3rd RU at the 2007 Purina Endurance Championship, the same year as her 1st Region Hi Point. She would repeat those honors as she would go on to win Region Hi Point again in 2010. Diamond would find herself placing in the Region Championship on 3 separate occasions, Champion in 2009, 1st RU in 2010, and 2nd RU in 2012. Diamond’s progeny is still actively competing; to date they have followed in her footsteps. As her daughter is a 2x Champion and 2014 Region Elimination Champion.


Tohmeh's Mocha Express

Owner: Antoine Tohmeh

German Shorthair-Female

Whelped: 5/17/2000

Sire: Flack's Mr. Perkins

Dam: Olivia Mosegaard Von Bismark

Number of Times Champion: 7

Date of Championship: 5/02/2002

Total Points: 131

A seven time NSTRA Champion, Mocha acquired 131 lifetime points. Earning her 1st Championship before 2 years of age, Mocha showed that maybe she was going to be special. During the 4 year span between 2005-2008, Mocha would prove it. Starting with a 2nd RU performance in the 2005 Region Elimination, Mocha would go on to take Champion at the 2006 Edition. She would find herself in the final hour again the following spring, bringing home 1st RU. Mocha would prove her talents on a National stage that fall, advancing to the final hour of the Purina Endurance National Championship, where she earned 1st RU. Her reign of dominance would come to a close at the 2008 Region Championship where she brought home her second 2nd RU. Mocha not only was a champion among champions, she was a producer of champions as well. Mocha was only bred one time. From that one litter, Mocha produced 4 Champions, with 8 Championships between them.

DKE Liberty Arista

Owner: Davy Caven

German Wirehair-Female

Whelped: 3/28/1997

Sire: Salty Pete von Rahnhaus

Dam: Three Devil’s Liberty

Number of Times Champion: 12

Date of Championship: 3/26/2000

Total Points: 218

A twelve time NSTRA Champion, Trey acquired 218 lifetime points, of which 147 were first place points. Making Trey, the winningest dog in NW NSTRA history and the winningest German Wirehair in National history! Winning ways included garnering Region High Point in 2001 and 2003, the latter with 48 points, as well as Champion at the 2004 Region Elimination trial, and 1st Runner Up in the 2000 contest. Nationally, Trey also brought home a 5th Runner Up at the Dog of the Year in Amo, IN in 2001, and in that stellar 2003 campaign, was 4th for the National High Point Performance.


Mahoney's Magic Dickie

Owner: Antoine Tohmeh

English Setter-Male

Whelped: 2/18/1995

Sire: I'm Dick Too

Dam: Bill's First Spot

Number of Times Champion: 7

Date of Championship: 4/17/1999

Total Points: 126

A seven time NSTRA Champion, Magic acquired 126 lifetime points, making Magic the 6th winningest dog to hail from the North West Region. Magic's career was at a time that could arguably be titled as the "hay day" of NSTRA in the North West. During those ultra competitive years Magic was able to achieve 3 seasons with over 30 points. During the 1999 season, Magic tied for Region Hi Point with 35 points, scoring 9 of those points the last weekend of the season! Magic's legacy would live on with his progeny acquiring 5 Championships.


Hilltop's Gewitter Stormy

Owner: Ron Park

German Shorthair-Male

Whelped: 1/28/1996

Sire: Oak Hills Sun Strike

Dam: Hilltops Jubilant Josie

Number of Times Champion: 6

Date of Championship: 3/06/1999

Total Points: 125

A six time NSTRA Champion, Stormy acquired 125 lifetime points. Stormy enjoyed a long 10 year career where he would make an impact on the breed and NSTRA in the North West for generations. Regionally, Stormy would garner Hi Point honors in 2002 with 33 points, as well as 3rd Runner Up at the 2003 Region Elimination Championship. Not only did Stormy perform at a high level, his largest impact on the region and beyond would be his production. Stormy would go on to produce 12 dogs with an astounding 31 NSTRA Championships between them!


Mahoney's Tricky Keno

Owner: Mike Ouchida

English Setter-Male

Whelped: 3/15/1992

Sire: I'm Dick Too

Dam: Tricky Bridgette

Number of Times Champion: 5

Date of Championship: 4/20/1997

Total Points: 115

A five time NSTRA Champion, Keno acquired 115 lifetime points. Keno's career could be simply defined as "clutch", when the stage was set and all cards were on the table, Keno delivered. Regionally Keno first proved his ability in the 92 dog Region Elimination Championship where he bested the field to bring home the Championship. Keno would be in the Region spotlight again in the 1999 Region Elimination were he again found himself in the final hour, finishing with Runner Up laurels in field of 80 dogs. Nationally, Keno would become the most celebrated dog from the North West, as the only dog to acquire 2 National placments. Winning the Kasco Endurance Championship in 1999 and attaing 3rd Runner Up in the 2002 edition.


Three Devil's Liberty

Owner: Davy Caven

German Wirehair-Female

Whelped: 3/04/1994

Sire: Bo Taylor v Rahnhaus

Dam: Diamond Muzz Chelsea

Number of Times Champion: 6

Date of Championship: 4/21/1996

Total Points: 123

A six time NSTRA Champion, Libby acquired 123 lifetime points. Libby was 2nd winningest German Wirehair in NSTRA history behind only her daughter, NW HOF member, Trey. Libby's accomplishments go beyond her production and consistent placements in trials all over the west and beyond. Libby was also named Champion at the 2001 Region Elimination Championship trial. Libby's contributions to the Region and the breed made an impact worthy of induction in the NW HOF.


Sam's Zachariah Kid

Owner: Samuel Hayes

English Setter-Male

Whelped: 4/26/1991

Sire: Zorn Pepsikola Kid

Dam: Eubene's Ethereal Elsie

Number of Times Champion: 7

Date of Championship: 3/27/1994

Total Points: 135

A seven time NSTRA Champion, Zach acquired 135 lifetime points. Zach is arguably the most decorated dog from the North West Region. Regionally, Zach would make it to the final hour of 3 consecutive Region Elimination Championships, in fields of; 85, 92 and 92 respectively. Zach went on to win the Championship from the 96 contest, and 1st Runner Up in 1997 and 1998. The culmination of the 1997 and 1998 season would see Zach attaining consecutive Hi point awards, standing as the 4th winningest dog ever from the Region. Nationally, Zach was 1 of only 4 dogs from the North West to win a National Championship, Zach's coming from the 1997 Kasco Endurance Championship.

I’m Dick Too

Owner: Gene Mahoney

English Setter-Male

Whelped: 2/22/1990

Sire: Tricky Dick Jim

Dam: Mahoney’s Rose

Number of Times Champion: 6

Date of Championship: 8/22/1992

Total Points: 110

A six time NSTRA Champion, Dicky acquired 110 points, of which 66 where first place points. Dicky brought home the regions first National Championship with a Champion performance at the 1994 Dog of the Year in Amo, IN. Regionally, Dicky won 2nd Runner up at the 1995 Region Elimination trial, the final year of his 3 consecutive years run as the Region High Point dog. Not only did Dicky have an outstanding performance career, he proved to be an extremely pre-potent sire as well. In the North West Region alone, Dicky sired 7 dogs with 22 Champions between them.


Cheryl's Aaron Boy

Owner: Robert Peyton

German Shorthair-Male

Whelped: 1/30/1985

Sire: T.J. Blazin Blitz

Dam: Heidi Frau Diduch

Number of Times Champion: 3

Date of Championship: 5/26/1990

Total Points: 68

A three time NSTRA Champion, Aaron acquired 68 lifetime points. In Aaron's short trial career he was an absolute force to be reckoned with in the North West Region. Garnering back to back honors as Region High Point in the 1990 and 91 campaigns. Nationally, Aaron received 2nd Runner Up at the 1992 edition of the Dog of the Year trial in Amo, IN. Aaron's impact on the Region didn't end in those three short years, as Aaron produced 3 dogs with six Champions between them. Aaron would be the start of 4 generations of NSTRA Champions in the North West.


Reno von Maggie May

Owner: Dale Anderson

German Shorthair-Male


Sire: Brannigan Cahill von Grief

Dam: Maggie May XVII

Number of Times Champion: 8

Date of Championship: 4/13/1986

Total Points: 161

An eight time NSTRA Champion, Reno acquired 161 total points and an astonishing 119 first place points throughout his trial career. Many of which were in the days of single, one day trials. He won National honors at Dog of the Year in Amo, IN with a 1st Runner up in 1988 and Regional honors with a 2nd Runner Up at the North West Region Elimination trial in 1992. Reno was the first National celebrated dog from the Northwest as he tied for 1st in the National High Point Performance in 1989, the same year as his 4th consecutive High Point, regionally.

Snake River Ammertal's Kitt

Owner: Gailen Carothers

German Shorthair-Female

Whelped: 9/27/1980

Sire: Kel's Nite Cap

Dam: Mahaney's Von Dutch Babe

Number of Times Champion: 2

Date of Championship: 9/09/1984

Total Points: 41

A two time NSTRA Champion, Kit acquired 41 lifetime points during the single/single trial era. Kit was the 2nd dog in the North West to attain a 2nd Championship in NSTRA, a remarkable accomplishment during her era. Regionally, Kit would make the final 6 Semis in five Region Elimination Championships, winning Champion in 1982 and 1st Runner Up in 84 and 85. Kitt would also garner Hi Point honors in 1984. Among Kit's numerous performance accomplishments, she produced 2 Champions, most notably AmFld CH/AFC/FC/NSTRA CH Snake River Chukar Checker.